Sunday, 24 May 2020

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Saturday, 23 May 2020

A Walk To Remember - Migrants movement during Covid-19 #2020

If Someone ask you to walk for your family and for your life. How much km will you walk in summer 42 degree temperature with 10 kilo luggage?

I would say max 150 KM or some more and this will only I can think but some of brave souls decided to walk 300 km,400 km in 42 degree temperature. When you heard this kind of news .One moment you think what inspire them to do this .Really in this modern world they are not getting transport and minimum facility for travel. Once your fuel price dropping 15 to 20 % and you all state buses stand on bus stand .Yes this kind of view now days is normal and you can see this on your national  highway. Your city’s one of strong pillars are moving towards their village and we are not able to provide them basic facility’s. This blog is not about any political debate or any government success of frailer. This write-up just about migrant laborers confidence  and there pain. How come some group of people decided to walk from one state to another state .Really we dint left any option for them or we don’t care anymore. May be there condition very miserable and our selfish eyes don’t want to see it because we are thinking we are sitting at home, watching news and serving our country.

Usually I never inspired from our Indian news channel because I personally felt they never show you real story of the pain. They always try to sale you their own story(Product) from there extra ordinary scary voice and you cannot find  the news in that kind of noise and most of the time main news missing in debate. only one thing inspiring us that is our Police and Doctors standing on every square, hospitals and doing  their job honestly.

One of my childhood friend who belongs to Bhopal(MP) informed me .He is daily going to Bhopal National Highway 146 for distributing some food, Shoes, water bottle, biscuits and medicines to migrants  people .They are coming from Maharashtra and going  towards their home town UP\Bihar and passing from Indore\Bhopal bypass border to save their life from covid-19 .I said very good job you are doing. Then I simply asked, why they are moving and really their condition are worst and they have to leave there karma bhoomi(Working place) .He replied it’s really bed situation.The are coming from Mumbai and Pune in  auto , bike, truck in this summer. One small auto 8 to 10 people sitting .Really don’t know how they are adjusting .some of couple coming in Activa\Bike with their two children in this summer, Some of board yellow & black taxi  from Mumbai. They don’t have proper shoes\food\water and they decide to move from one state to another state .Really what kind of joke is this ? They reached Bhopal and take  3 to 4 days again they have to take journey from Bhopal to their native place and again it will take 2,3 days in covid-19 conditions. Migrant said some of the places they did not allow to take water because peoples are thinking they might be affected from covid -19 .I cannot describe their condition in words and you cannot understand that word until you will watch it . I cannot take this decision to take walk like this in my life. This walk to remember for them for the all life .Don’t know they will come back again or not ?

Some questions are always puzzling in my mind are:

  1. When they started for their home town that time they have enough money to fill fuel and food ?
  2. Once they are riding bike .Is there back was paining ?
  3. Tier was puncher  in jungle ? how they have managed?
  4. How lady’s was holding two children in bikes ? What stamina they  have ?
  5. When any heavy vehicle was passed nearby speed of 120 km so there hand was shaking for riding a like?
  6. Highway beam light focus was not stopping them?
  7. Close auto and truck they have proper ventilation ?
  8. After reaching home they will get good life and proper food?
  9. Their home town will accept them ? because  they are coming from covid-19 red zone area?
     Famous shayar Nida Fazli said some lines :.

                                          "घर को खोजें रात दिन घर से निकले पाँव
                                          वो रस्ता ही खो गया जिस रस्ते था गाँव"

                                          "Ghar ko khojeñ raat din ghar se nikle paañv 
                                           Vo rasta hī kho gayā jis raste thā gaañv" 

I would like to thanks to my friend Sunny Agrawal who went out in these conditions for helping them and shared these pictures. I am sharing pics in my blog with his permission.

Photo curtsy -Sunny Agarwal : 

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Friday, 22 May 2020

My covid-19 lock-down days

Don’t be confused from the subject .By god grace me, my family and all my friends are safe during the covid-19 pandemic. I want to give condolence those who lost their life’s and still fighting with this pandemic. No buddy predict this disaster is coming to our door steps. I would say this is worst then any cyclone and tsunami  because cyclone come on sea sore and hit badly and passed away but this virus stay with you and you have fight with your immunity power.

But this blog not about what worst all we have experienced and experiencing right now. It’s all about what good things we learned. This gave us some very nice life lessons. Humans most of the time learn from their mistakes. Its human tendency. These lessons our parents\ grandparents tried to teach us many time in our life but we always ignored them saying this. Time has changes mom and dad so don’t give us lecture but truth is time never change. During Covid-19 many of us realized. We are in the race of survival in this competitive world. Which never going to end and we forget happy living basic fundamentals.Some points here i would like to discuss which i feel i should share.

  1. Spending time and playing with my 18 month kid still world most beautiful experienced which my grandparents and parents felt with me\us. Thanks to Covid-19 lock-down otherwise I would have really missed these movement and never get second chance to think of it. Value of spending time with your family is most amazing thing in the world.
  2. Joint family importance: You should always need to stay with your brothers\sister\ parents\old friends otherwise this kind of disaster may not give you second chance to meet with them. Its bitter and harsh reality.
  3. Technology vs Nature: You spend your most of the time with high end technology gadget rather then human and nature but this covid-19 everyone must realize these are just a way of communication or entertainment tool. This will not give you the satisfactory pleasure and peace of mind. Multinational companies playing with us and making money. You will get bore with whatsup chatting ,youtube channel ,facebook ,Insta like .Suddenly you feel Amazon\ Netflix has really limited content because you finished everything within one month lockdown time and now remote search button is irritating you but a short walk of terrace or your balcony garden give you so much relief and immense pleasure from the tension and anxiety
  4. Evening or Night social distancing walk with your neighbor or society friends give you a refreshing byte and you can feel you have someone with whom you can expresses your thought and feeling instead of spending time on mobile\TV gadget. watching morning and evening sun rise and sun set become you fav time pass.
  5. Suddenly you realize my genuine monthly expenditure is  just 15k to 20k per month if  we are stick to our tradition food diet and suddenly you are feeling healthy because of home and hygiene food.
  6. You have plenty amount of time to talking with your old school\college friends ,cousins and you are playing Ludo, cards, carrom and other games. You are spending beautiful every morning\evening with your  son or daughter and you have good time for work out and meditation to even finishing your daily office work.
  7. You again become mechanical ,electric engineer, plumber  and started repairing your home appliance RO ,Cooler ,AC, Fan, Tub-light and suddenly you are enjoying  these work basically its self-dependency. Which our parents use to do there self.
  8. Nature automatically become CCC (calm,cool,clear ) because you are not contributing  into pollution for unnecessary car\bike rides.
  9. Suddenly you may be thinking about to moving near your home town and find job there so you can stay closet to your love once. This covid-19 realized us we are very far from our home town. Its true once upon on a time money does not matter because its not solving our actual purpose. Artificial happiness is not an happiness once famous shayari I am remembering now .

                                                         “Gaaon mai chhod aaye jo, hajaar gaj ki bujurgon ki haweli.
                                                         Wo sahar mai sau gaj mai rahne ko khud ki tarakki kahte hain."

  1. Your home maker queen try to survive without cook and maid after some time and may be they are feeling you can manage things with-out external helping hand .Covid-19 gave back them that confidence 😊 and you also enjoying helping them in to the kitchen and showing them hidden cooking talent.
  2. Some of us ofcourse understand the value of our home workers. How much work they were doing and very less we were paying to them.
  3. Some managers\bosses understood employee can deliver there delivery  from home also and they can trust there skills.
  4. your mom and wife become restaurant for you and serving your favorite food  with price less smile.
  5. When we compare our childhood and our children childhood so I must say we dint have these stupid mobile and time consuming games and we were lucky. We spend our child hood in real nature and playing real games like(kho kho,luka chupi, chain pulling, Cricket in 36 degree temperature in big play ground, football ) and now what our children doing but yes we can give that childhood to them.its up to us.
  6. Some of us may be getting irritation because of lockdown and may be they have completely lock there self from past two months. Yes you will defiantly get irritation if you are not balance your life and you will not plan your day. Don’t became workaholic. Work for just fulfill your daily requirement because no one see future .You can plan for some extend and life is beyond your expectations.

So point is here our parents and grant parents spend a healthy life because they have created the opportunity where they were. They never leave there birth place for the opportunity and new jobs .They spend their career in one government office happily because end of the day they get above satisfactory life and maintaining thei relation. Even they have spent good time to maintain their relation. For every success full life you need your family support, your friends support and this all you can get it from your native birth place easily where you have spent your 25 years of life. New places you will again spend another 25 year to find those relations and build life from beginning. Now time has changed you will get everything in small town places what you were getting in metro city including good tradition culture.

One night one of my friend said today I really enjoyed Mango. I bought 700 rupees mango and eat with my family. He said after so many years I really enjoy the mango taste. I personally felt why we are missing these small moment .Every year mango come in the market but why we are enjoying this flavor in this disaster. May be we all living for future not for present.I felt after covid-19 also we should live our life same way and enjoy every moment of life. Many thing going to change after the Covid-19.Covid-19 gave us good lesson in life .Please value for your relation, value for the nature ,value personal time and personal life ..

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Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Bangalore super sonic sound has shaken the city

Today around 1:30 pm (20-05-2020) Bangalore heard the supersonic sound and all building apartment shaken due to that thunder sound.Sound was that massive its seems it came from inside the apartments.People on  the call on different areas even they also experience same noise .Kids really scared of that voice.Still its puzzle what was that sound and in few minutes social media became active and every one talking about same mysterious sound..During the Covid -19 pandemic this kind of scaring noise making life really scary.This sound cover around 40 km of core resident area. Anyone surly captured the massive sound.I hope every thing is fine...

#Bangalore #Sound #super sonic

YouTube Link: Thunder sound in below link

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Saturday, 24 August 2019

Don't play with nature..

If you plant one tree for social cost it will take 10 to 15 year to grow and pay back to the society (Proper oxygen ,fruits and shadow ) this is we have studied in our school and I think everyone did the same but this is very sad. Now there is very less chances to survive the tree in this polluted environment but we never think twice to cut the tree because we have our own stupid reasons. We have major questions standing in front of  all of us. Can we do development without cutting tree? but answer is very simple yes we can do we just a need to have good will power to do it. We cannot blame governments to take care everything. Its everyone equal  responsibility to save and grow the plants.I have seen very strange and shocking reason to cut the tree in Indian society. Somebody will says too many broken leaf in my backyard and my front side so we cannot clean it every day. That’s why I am cutting the tree and This is the simple solution they found.Someone says my home design and look not visible from front side because of tree that’s why we are cutting, someone says because of tree too many mosquito and insect is there I cannot afford it .Someone say some tree is not good as per the vastu so we have to cut it. Common guys our ancestor stayed in jangle and all gurukul was in jangle. How things has changed then and now. They  lived a healthy life and we are suffering from many disease. Our ancestor leave the healthy environment for us .What we going to leave for next generation just a concrete jungle .Sad side of the story is we are follow our gods and there granth but no one follow it in their personal life’s. What is the importance of nature they have teached in.
Truth is every one want to park their car in shadow of tree but no one want to plant a tree in front of  the house. Everyone is digging two three borewell in backyard for ground water but no one want to plant a tree for rain. Everyone want fresh vegetable but no one want to grow it on terrace garden .Why we all only adopting western and cosmetic , gadget life style. Why we are not inspiring from there effort to save plant and tree  but no one want toNow one trend is going on artificial tree in every business park  mall or any commercial place. Government make the rule you should have 30% green place if you are building any commercial property or SEZ park. 

Now they are planning artificial plant because of low maintenance. I don’t know why we are making fool to our self. As per the survey  we need 15 crore tree to make environment better.Heights of show casing the luxury life is no one want to want to walk 2,3 KM to office and malls. Every one want to their own cars and show case to there children we should not walk on road and we have to equally contributing to the massive traffic. Walk is injuries to health.Flood is coming and land sliding is happening across the country and we are getting  the big media coverage .Lots of funds are coming from governments as well as private sectors for restoring the human life back but no one thinking why weather and atmospheres is changing. No one talking about new plantation on the earth how we can pay back to the nature .We are spending 5% to 10 % of GDP for arm forces, animation and no buddy thinking how much we can spend on nature for making balance and healthy life. Why governments are not spending as it should be spend, Why developed country not helping to deploying country to maintain the nature .if one part of the body will injured so all body suffered. Same will happen to earth if one part of the earth is effecting so impact will go to other part of the world .recently France have the highest  temperature 42 degree . Amazon forest is burning which produce the 20% or oxygen. Same condition in siberia fire.Europe temperature is going high. Where is our world class technology why it’s not able to control it . You can make home and building on desert and see using the technology but still you need oxygen from tree only. I cannot imagine my next generation walking with oxygen mask. They will say what is the heritage we got from our elders. What are heritage we going to leave behind us for our children’s. This point need to think all of us. It’s our responsibility.Don’t play with the nature.If it starts play with us we are not able to stand in front of it.

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Saturday, 20 July 2019

You will get everything in your life but you have to pay for it.

Life in control and control on a life both are not good for good life. Life in control means you are planning each and every steps very well . Weather you talk about your education or your career or your own marriage or your children education and last your retirement. Everything is planned very well and finally you will say I planned my life well and life in a control and I lived a success full life .Yes you did it . Same instruction you will give to your follower and your next generation. You always tell to your follower after making such discipline, in my life since last 20 years.I have achieved so much fame and  good amount of money and now I can afford a luxury lifestyle but no one share the reality of sacrifices, you have done in the past. Sacrifice in terms of you might have missed many friends relation because of less time in your discipline life, many important marriages, many childhood friends, your own children childhood precious moment and there precious time ,did not spend time with your old parents, quality time with your own wife, you are touch with your own brother and sisters on whatsup and Facebook. What is the real price of these moments. Can anyone tell ? You cannot buy it once you lost it .This is the fact and real experience you have to share with you follower and let them choose and decide .What they want to achieve. Luxury life style always looks good on Facebook, twitter and Instagram but behind the social media and fake fame its very lonely. Yes some people are exceptions those make balance between personal and professional life because there family support structure are good. I will say they are lucky.

But nobody share this bitter reality of truth to their follower, what they have lost during the rabbit race and they teach same philosophy to their children because of maintaining  the fake status in society .May be they don’t want to accept it in-front of everybody and may be in there life success means only luxury. Very few people will tell you the truth behind the story.
It’s very impotent to understand the truth and its everybody responsibility to bring this truth in front of newcomer so they can take right path for good healthy and satisfying life not success full life.

My inspiration (Mr. Standard) always used to tell me . “You will get everything whatever you want in your life but you have to pay for it. What you are paying that is worth or not what you are achieving and are you ready for paying it .it’s only your decision. No one else can take it”. These are the golden words for me. These sentence make my life easy to take hard decision.

Because today’s success means your Facebook status,How many follower you have in twitter, Your Instagram status, branded cloths and you are traveling in business class or economy class.You have flat in luxury apartment in very high society and for that  you have taken loan from bank and 30 year non stop EMI you are paying for bank.if you want to finish it early then you are working 14,15 hour daily and race will not finish because one flat never enough.You will take second home on EMI .

In reality is every success full person always has dark site also that everyone need to understand. What time you paid and sacrifices you have done. This thing you have to tell to your children and follower before you push them in control and disciplined life.One flat is  enough for living and maintaining good life.

One thing we all have to understand here .Success means is not always win and stay on top with your competitor. As per my understating, My math’s, computer teacher also successful who is giving life complex calculation in easy ways.They have many follower without social media. My postman uncle also successful who is posting each and every letter without delay and mistake last 20 years and every member know him by cycle break sound he came. He spend quality time with while he is posting letter. Our colony panipuri uncle also success full those are giving same tasty panipuri in reasonable price last 20 year. Our kirana shop shopkeeper also successful who always smile and keep smiling once we visit his shop.For some people want money and fame for any cost it’s their decision .Don’t follow them may be you want some peace full life with your love once and want to stay in small town with grace full life.Both life has different meaning and there is no comparison and Choice should always yours !

Some time life is more beautiful  in two bedroom apartment comparing to acer bungalow because in flat you cannot hide your issue with your dear ones and they always stay with you what ever condition is there.Be like strong family.

One of the business tycoon expressed himself the reality of success during one of the interview. His website revenue comes in trillion and his website alone equals to amazon,flipkar,paytm,snapdeal.yes I am talking about founder Jack Ma. Everyone must watch his words in below video.

Don’t run behind the fame of others, make your own way in your town may be others will start following you and join you.

Jack Ma interview  for young generation.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Now water has Z security in India

Last month I got chance to visit Aurangabad Maharashtra in INDIA. We have to attend one family function and I was very excited to see old ancient and historic city.This was my  first visit to see this historical place and close view of Mughal empire. This city is perfect example of Hindu, Muslim unity ,hospitality and amazing food . Special spicy non veg food and famous DABELI. Street food make you feel you are in north India food street.I used to prefer walk to cover old market and any historic places. This is the best way to see and feel real picture of any city and there old culture. Every city has their own culture, history and identity. Just you have to find it and feel it.I really enjoyed  the historical places but this blog not about my travel and historical places story.

This city surprised me for different aspect of facts.May be this aspect is future of India if we will continuously ignoring the current situation and this will become very harsh reality. In Aurangabad one morning I went to apartment terrace for my routine workout. I saw so many plastic water tank when I say many means every apartment have their own water tank and as well big separate common concrete tank. This  is also I can understand everyone have their separate water tank because of high water crises in the city in summer days but strange thing is this every water tank has there own iron lock and  this lock has very special design on only for plastic separate tanks. I was surprised to see new version of water tanks but when I had close look from terrace nearby apartment and flats every apartment has same kind of concept.Mornig 6 AM everybody filling there tank with help of private tanker .That view was really different for me. Lock’s showing the importance of water and it looks like you are putting your precious jewelry in your safe with lot of security lock. That thing realize me this is a future of every Indian city if we will not going to save the water. When I asked about those lock story from nearby people they said we are getting water within seven days only one time from municipal corporation . Yes you read correctly guys within seven days one time and people want to preserve water as much as they can  for next seven days .It’s really difficult situation how you can save a water for seven days and how much you can save. If that water finish so you have to call private  water tanker and believe me guys those water tanker cost not everyone can afford that’s why they want put lock so they can sleep well without any second thought there neighbor or any other person are not stealing there one or two bucket water.We came from the era where serving water to trusty people one of the holly work and reach the era where we have to save the water from our neighborhood.This is ground reality of every india city and Water has Z security now days in india.

Aurangabad people are saying they are not getting water because Nasik need more water for irrigation. Same story of each city and state in India no buddy want to share any thing.many be some other local issue I don’t have good knowledge so I can’t comment on it .Below blog saying something.

Currently I am living in Bangalore and this is my karma Bhumi and same kind of water crises we are facing in Bangalore also and now days our totally dependency on water tankers. We are paying 50% of maintains on private water tanker If water tanker will not come to your building then you cannot imaging your day. It going to very worst. After visiting Aurangabad I understood very clearly soon we also have to put separate water tank on our building if we will not understand the important of water because no society association can provide water if ground water will finish .Does not matter how much money you will pay to water tanker vendor they cannot provide the water. Government should understand the importance of water and they has to take require actions for metropolitan city. Chennai water crises is real example in front of us .All city stooped for one week because of lack of water. Two tire city should plan their future well. They should learn from all the metropolitan city and miss there organizes  system. Still two tire city have chance to build there system and bright future for next generation.

Every one should understand this fact.People moving in metro city because those city has good job opportunities and people will move where they will find the job .Government and people has to plan well. It is simple concept army deploy in border area to secure our county. Farmer are on our fields area to grow the food and professional are in metro city to support the corporate for generate the money and business  to run this big economy. Each of us role is very important and In metro city local people should also understand no one want stay far from their home town. Some job compulsion ask people to take this decisions. Its responsibility of each and everyone to fight with this water and pollution crises and make this place better and livable.

    Just google downloaded  picture

For me Aurangabad visit good example if we continually waste out water. We all have to check water tanks on terrace before going to office the tank are full or not for you dearest family.

Some one said fourth world war will happen because of water.May be this going to true because there in full prove system generated which can convert see water to drinking water 😊

One of our PM saw a dream to connect all country river so in case of flood condition. We can divert water to other rivers and use it flood water in proper manner. I don’t know this is possible or not or this is just good thought on paper .
Today we seeing ASAM(india) 60,000 people affected and different side Bangalore, Chennai and Aurangabad facing  water crisis .This condition make us to think 100 times for good use of water.

Today reality is that you can educate people and children to save water when you will get water in your home taps other wise you will not get chance to save the water also.

Nice advertisement and good message on rain water harvesting

Few random click I clicked one of the dry DAM in Aurangabad

These pictures says all are waiting for water desperately since long time.